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Gaealana Healing Arts

August 29, 2019

Amazing Massage + Indian Head Massage

I highly recommend a full body massage and Indian Head Massage. It was amazing, she released a lot of tension I had in my back/shoulders/neck, and we could hear the knots releasing which is kind of strange but great. I felt like I was in an alternative realm. It usually takes me quiet a while to relax & feel like that. She also gave me tips & 'homework' how to help fix my ache & pains!! 100% going back & self-care!

March 25, 2019

Indian Head and Chair Massage

This was my first visit and my first Indian head massage. Rhonda was great and quickly zeroed in on my problem area. Highly recommend the head massage. If I could give her 20 stars I would.

June 28, 2018

Highly Recommend Rhonda

Rhonda is by far the best massage therapist I have worked with. I've brought her a complete mess of muscular issues, head to toe, and she has made incredible improvements in mobility, pain and flexibility - even in short visits. She is always professional, patient, compassionate and aware of pressure application. I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon her and her ability to improve my muscular tightness and pain.

June 10, 2018

Another Amazing Massage By Rhonda!

Rhonda is my favorite massage therapist in Portland. I always leave her studio so. blissed. out. No joke. She knows exactly where to go to release the incredible amount of tension that I hold in my neck, head and shoulders. She's got a number of massage modalities at her disposal that she uses as her tool box of awesomeness. She also creates a relaxing and safe space for you to just be.

May 6, 2018

Deep Pressure With Stretching

Rhonda is so good! She takes the time to listen to what is ailing you and mindfully attacks those areas of concern. She uses deep pressure that is often hard to find in some massage therapists.

Ally H.  

With strong hands, a kind spirit and brilliant massage IQ, Rhonda truly is a 'Massage Geek.'  Her profound knowledge and calm demeanor create a healing and comfortable massage experience.  As a repeat customer, I am always impressed with her professionalism and ability to really listen and offer a variety of massage techniques for my jogging and office job ailments.  She provides the perfect balance of a massage that helps me heal physically and grow spiritually for a happier, healthier well-being.

Ren T.  

Rhonda is a natural at this! I came to her after having been in pain for weeks, after multiple visits to the chiropractor didn't help. In one visit she broke through the tension I was holding in my neck and shoulder, and just an hour or two after the massage I felt completely relieved of pain. Her touch is intuitive, and she knows several styles of massage and how best to use them. I'm hooked.

Vaughn D.  

Rhonda is the best! An exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and personable massage therapist who genuinely cares about her clients' well-being, Rhonda naturally attracts a devoted customer base. As a software engineer working at a computer for eight hours a day, my upper back, shoulders and neck area are particularly prone to stiffness and fatigue. After every session with Rhonda, I not only leave completely revitalized but equipped with an arsenal of personalized stretch techniques that I can use for effective preventative care.

Courtney H.  

Rhonda is magic! My neck and shoulder were in a lot of pain and I had a crazy schedule with little time. I only had time for a chair massage and she fixed me! I will definitely be making the time to come in and see her for a table massage.